The BHRC launches today a legal briefing titled “Forced Conversions and Forced Marriages in Pakistan”. The briefing is authored by barrister and BHRC Executive Commitee member, Zimran Samuel, following a visit to Pakistan on behalf of the BHRC from 2nd  – 14th February 2013.

Samuel undertook the visit in order to increase the discourse amongst lawmakers, NGO’s, academics, human rights activists and parliamentarians in relation to the issue of forced conversions of minorities in Pakistan. Through this briefing, the BHRC would like to bring more attention to the terrible situation many young Christian and Hindu girls have to face when they are kidnapped, forced to ‘convert’ to Islam and cannot be traced by their families. Cases involving alleged forced conversions predominately emanate from the Punjab and Sindh provinces and can be correlated to gender based violence.

Clicking here to access the legal briefing.