BHRC organised a powerful event on Wednesday 10 February in partnership with Doughty Street Chambers, when it hosted a talk by Nadia Murad, a courageous Yazidi woman and survivor of ISIS.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha was visiting the UK to share her personal story and raise awareness of the plight of the Yazidi people. Bravely campaigning on behalf of the 3,500 Yazidi  women and girls who are still prisoners of ISIS, she has been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her courage. Nadia recently spoke at the UN Security Council in New York about the plight of the Yazidi people and her speech can be viewed [here].

On Wednesday Nadia talked further about the genocide of her people, the enslavement of women, human trafficking and the recruitment of children into conflict. Following her moving presentation she took questions from the audience and discussed what the international community should do in response to such extreme human rights violations.

In response to one member of the audience asking where she got her strength from to speak out, she simply said,
“From the injustice I have endured”.