Bahrain: BHRC Executive Committee Member Pete Weatherby during mission to Bahrain, October 2010 Nigeria: BHRC intern Madeleine Bridgett with staff from project partners of the Niger Delta Child Rights Watch Project, OctobNigeria: BHRC Vice-Chair Kirsty Brimelow QC led the first delegation to conduct training with the Child Protection Network, 2011Zimbabwe: Members of the BHRC fact-finding delegation on the Global Political Agreement in front of Zimbabwe Supreme Court


The Bar Human Rights Committee is the international human rights arm of the Bar of England and Wales. It is independent of the Bar Council and works in international human rights around the world. BHRC is award winning for this work. 

The BHRC is dedicated to promoting principles of justice and respect for fundamental human rights through the rule of law in different parts of the world. The BHRC believes that the availability of an effective legal profession and infrastructure is a crucial pre-condition for civil liberties and human rights.

The BHRC aims...

  • To uphold the rule of law and internationally recognised human rights norms and standards;
  • To support and protect practising lawyers, judges and human rights defenders who are threatened or oppressed in their work;
  • To further interest in and knowledge of human rights and the laws relating to human rights, both within and outside the legal profession;
  • To advise, support and co-operate with other organisations and individuals working for the promotion and protection of human rights;
  • To advise the Bar Council of England and Wales in connection with human rights issues.

The remit of the BHRC extends to all countries of the world, apart from its own jurisdiction of England and Wales. This reflects the Committee’s need to maintain its role as an independent but legally qualified observer, critic and advisor, with internationally accepted rule of law principles at the heart of its agenda.

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